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Podcast Description: Big Brother is all about "expecting the unexpected", and you should expect the same from the Big Brothers. The show started off with two superfan know it alls who looked disturbingly alike but now Adam Poch, from Big Brother 13 is here to keep everyone in line and give some real insight to what’s going on in the game. Adam came in third place on his season getting ousted on the final night by Big Brother fan favorite Rachel Reilly. The Big Brothers watch the feeds, read the gossip and stay updated and anything and everything that is Big Brother so you don’t have to. Laugh along with them at the stupidity of the house guests, the stereotypes everyone plays into and the ridiculous rules that Julie Chen loves to throw at the contestants. Listen to Big Brothers every Friday here on iTunes and on the Interrobang.Com and decide together who REALLY deserves that 500k.
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Aug 4, 2020

Big Brothers Is Back! Power of Vito Calise, Adam Pach(from Big Brother 13) and this debut preview episode features the return of former Big Brothers host Chris Stanley. It also features guest Matt Hoffman from Big Brother 12. The guys break down all the rumored houseguests for this upcoming season of Big Brother All Stars. Who do they think is a lock? Who do they think will win? Find out on this episode!  

Adam's Player Rankings:  
Twitter @HeavyMetalTeddy

Matt Hoffman's Twitter:  @HeadOfHOFFhold

Sep 24, 2019

It's the end of a LONG Big Brother season and for the finale of this season's podcast the Big Brothers are joined by Glenn Garcia (Big Brother 18)


This Weeks Topics:


Can Jackson lose?

Where does this season rank?

Is there any way Nicole can get into the Final 2?

Did Jackson play a good Big Brother game or was he just a comp beast?

Will this be a bitter jury?

Could Cliff be a difference-maker in the jury house?

Is there any possibility Holly makes the ultimate game move?

Sep 13, 2019

Michelle Costa (Big Brother 10) Calls In!


Power of Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) give you the best recap you can get, this week in Big Brother. Fresh off a double eviction the brothers are here to talk about what’s going down at the end of the season.


This Weeks Topics:


Swaggy C and Kevin Photo Used In Comp: Did CBS forget about their feud?


Was evicting Tommy a good jury management move for Cliff/Nicole


The unaired house meeting


This week’s HoH



Michelle Costa From BB10 Calls In And Tells us about

-Her Trip With Dan / Did it really affect her final decision.

-How much do Jury members actually talk to each other

-She tells us a wild story about why alcohol was pulled from their jury house

-Her thoughts on this season

Sep 7, 2019

Power of Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) give you the best recap you can get, this week in Big Brother. Fresh off a double eviction the brothers are here to talk about what’s going down at the end of the season.

This Weeks Topics:

  • Jackson and Holly's Strange Fight: Is Jackson just using Holly for game?
  • This Week's HoH Winner
  • Jury Management This Year
  • Does The Pawn “Always” Go Home
  • Would Nicole be one of the least deserving winners of all time?
  • Holly’s never been nominated
  • Swaggy C and Bayliegh will be on Sunday's Show: Why only BB20 hosts this year>
  • Jokers Rankings
  • Adams Rankings on Big Brother Network.Com


Aug 30, 2019

Power of Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) give you the best recap you can get, this week in Big Brother with about a month left in what seems like a never-ending season.

This Weeks Topics:

·         HoH: Who is the HoH targeting and why this is kind of a shock. Is it an idiotic decision?

·         Jackson: Is his edit getting better or is he just acting better? Does CBS need his edit to be good to have a hero for the season.

·         Zingbot: Are his sings getting meaner and meaner every year? Do these little jokes somehow effect the game and Houseguest opinion on each other?

·         Adam’s Big Brother Network Rankings: Christie is Number 1, why she gets the title this week even if Adam doesn’t have her as a favorite for BB21 winner.

·         Prank Week: Nicole has become the comic relief for the show with Kat gone.

·         Finally Getting Our Double Eviction – Is this the best time for one? are the houseguests expecting it at all?

·         Long Season – Still a Month to go

·         Jokers Rankings Updates

Aug 23, 2019

Power of Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) give you the best recap you can get, this week in Big Brother.


  • Taco Tuesday - The fight that broke up the house.
  • Analyse – The statement stands, the pawn always goes home and why is it more common this season than ever.
  • Even though this season has had some big moments are vote flips, why does it just not feel fun to watch at all?
  • The newest twist! The Prankster. What will it be and what does it mean for the week.
  • Where does Nick stand now?
  • Christie’s game play. Is she a great player? How did she end up staying this week and can she go further. How many times can Christie’s manifestation be wrong?
  • Did Kaitlyn create a new BB Archetype?
  • This seasons first wall screamer
  • Predictions for the week
Aug 9, 2019

This week on Big Brothers, “Power of” Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) are excited to finally have an exciting week of Big Brother to talk about.

Before last week’s live eviction all hell broke loose within the 6 shooters. They turned on each other 80 minutes before the live show and some brave soul leaked the footage to Twitter. The fight was Christie, Tommy and Jack vs Jackson, Kat and Holly and it was over the possibility of Kat Holly and Jackson knowing each other outside of the house … even though Tommy and Christie are the ones that REALLY know eachother. Christie’s behavior in the house is getting more and more erratic by the day.

Jess showed up this week in a big big way and took out the almighty Jack, who seemed like he was in a prime spot to completely dominate the game. Jess won both the HoH and PoV and did what Cliff was unable to do a few weeks prior.

When Jack was evicted, Julie Chen grilled him on his controversial comments while in the house. For the first time we got to see an evicted houseguest look at the comments he made and answer for them in front of everyone. Jack also was the recipient of some great goodbye messages from a pair of houseguests happy to see him go.

Jul 31, 2019
This week’s Big Brothers has “Power of” Vito Calise and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) talking to Scottie Salton on the phone. Scottie was on Big Brother 20 and was a part of some pivotal moments in the game like breaking up the bros (Brett and Winston) by winning Head of Household and Power of Veto in one week and sending Winston home. Scottie also got lots of attention for throwing in a hinky vote and sending his ally Swaggy C home while wearing the guys shirt! Vito and Adam start the episode off by giving you a quick recap of what happened on the show last week and what looks like may be going down this week.
Jul 19, 2019

This week on Big Brothers, Vito Calise and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) waste no time jumping into game talk. The big chunk of today’s episode has to do with the CBS edit and if it is changing for the better. As live feeders know, Jack has been a tyrant running rampant in the house and spewing hate, for the first time this week we saw that side of him on the CBS primetime show instead of the hero edit we’ve seen. His weird moment with Kemi over a water bottle in the fridge was the first time the casual viewer got to see how much of a jerk this guy can be. But there was plenty more talked about on this week’s episode.

Other Topics

Jack saved his beard and Adam gives insight onto how this effects production and what the rules are with changing your appearance inside the house.

Cliff winning the camp comeback challenge and the HoH. What does this mean for the game? Will we see a power shift or another week of disappointment,.

Was it smart for the 6 shooters to expose them turning on their alliance to try and get someone like Cliff out or should they have waited for a bigger move?

Christie’s freak out. Is this strategy or is it just like Vanessa in season 17 where we keep waiting for these DR sessions saying it’s strategy that never come.

Kate Game: She seems to be the most likable person in the house right now from the outside but how is her actual gameplay? Adam and Vito get into her game and talk about an alliance she’s in that you are not seeing on the CBS show.

Week 1 nominees/targets and how they seem to stick around and fade off into the background and make it a long time into the game. The Big Brothers give some examples from the past.

Jul 13, 2019

Power of Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) are back for another week of Big Brothers. The guys start off admitting that their pre-season prediction were less than stellar, even their week 2 guesses look like shit now.

Adam wanted to answer a Twitter question from @MooseShartley about his time in the house and how DR sessions work.


Also Matt and Ali from Hoboken asked Adam about Nick’s Tattoo and we want to know if you think he purposely got it to be made like Taylor Swift or he’s just that clueless. Tweet us your answer @BigBrothersPod


This Weeks Topics:

Adam’s Big Brother Rankings: Sam is Number One and THREE TOFURKEYS Get Crowned (Nick, Bella and Cliff)

Jackson’s Hinky Vote, is it useful or does it just cause un necessary chaos that comes back to bite the person in the ass.

Camp Comeback: Will it stick around for more seasons? Does Camp Comeback and Battleback in general impact early game decisions?

David’s game: We said he was aloof and naïve pre-season. Where does he stand now?

Cliff getting caught with his morning ritual “Cliff Notes”, who else has done this daily talks and how did they not caught. Is Cliff an asset to keep around not knowing people are listening to him.

Adam gives a short recap on the dramatic kidnapping of Orwell the owl. Why did Cliff love holding on to it and who was behind the theft. Adam also has a conspiracy about the outcome of the Owl.

All we ever want is houseguests here to play a game, even though this people are bad at the game they’re playing. Can we be satisfied with that?


Jul 5, 2019

In the first weeks preview episode featuring Matt Hoffman, the Big Brothers really seemed hopeful about this year’s cast. Unfortunately their hopes were not delivered and we may have one of the most unlikable casts in a very long time. Power of Vito and Adam start right off talking about Jack and Jackson, this season’s power hungry bros who have gotten heat outside of the house for comments they made inside of it. These guys are the head of the 8 person alliance named “Gr8ful” that seems to be running things … for now.

Jun 25, 2019


e Big Brothers are back for season 21 of Big Brother! It’s been 20 years since the series first premiered on CBS and these guys are excited as ever to give you the scoop. Chris Stanley couldn’t be in for the first episode but “Power of” Vito and Adam Poch (from Big Brother 13) are here with VERY special guest, Matt Hoffman (Season 12).


The premiere is fast approaching so the Big Brothers give you their official pre season picks. This premiere episode features a look at each individual cast member so you don’t need to go watch every pre-season interview yourself. This is a first time ever for the Big Brothers podcast. And as a bonus, not only do you get winner predictions, but predictions for America’s Favorite Houseguest and “Grodner’s Pet”.  The “Grodner’s Pet” prediction is dedicated to Allison Grodner, the Big Brother show runner and it’s the guys choosing who they think will get a little help from production along the way.


Matt and Adam seem very hopeful about this year’s cast, Vito not so much. Vito thinks it is hard to follow a great season like 20 but Adam and Matt see a lot of promise and strong personalities going into the season and they’ve more than done their research. Adam also drops a little inside knowledge of two houseguests knowing another before entering the house, something that was somehow never figured out  by casting.

Sep 25, 2018


The Big Brother 20 season is coming to an end and the Big Brothers are sick of you only getting a short Jury Roundtable segment on Finale night so wanted to give you their own version hosted by “Power of” Vito Calise with Guests Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) and Enzo Palumbo (Big Brother 12). Both of them were the 3rd place finishers of their season so they never got to be a part of a Jury Roundtable themselves, this is their chance.

Topics Discussed on the Round Table Were:

Who do we think is going to win?

Who has the strongest case?

What is everyone’s case to win the game?

What was the biggest moment of the season?

What points does everyone need to hit in their speech to the Jury?

Enzo and Adam give last Jury experience

Did anyone deserve to be here more?

Lets talk JC possibilities and how that would change the game

Where does this rank in Final 2s in Big Brother history.

Could Angela’s exit interview prove that Tyler’s game is fucked

Was the biggest moment in the game done by someone in the final?

What jury member will be the most bitter?

Will FOUTTE/The Hive go through with Voting Pact?

Will any L6 Jury Members be able to sway Hive/Foutte

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Sep 21, 2018

The Big Brothers are here to guide you through season 20 and here we are all the way out Final 3! Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) couldn’t be in studio today but called in to give predictions on what Final 2 will be and how this game will end.


The guest for today isn’t a former houseguest or affiliate of the show, it is actually a friend of Haleigh’s from back home named Bethany. Bethany was glad to call in and give her take on the game watching her friend compete and what shocked her the most about seeing her friend on TV. She also gives some insight on Haleigh’s past relationships and if Fessy was a surprise choice for Haleigh in this game.


Other Topics on Today’s Big Brothers


  • Can JC Win this game?


  • Does everyone deserve a spot at Final 3 right now and does everyone have their own case to win the game?


  • Is the Jury too bitter or is what we saw a good indicator that we may get a really fair vote?


  • If Tyler were to win the final HoH is there any way he can screw over Kaycee and take JC which would be the smarter game move.


  • Even though they seemed to have dropped the ball in their most important HoH yet, is L6 (or L3 at this point) still one of the greatest alliances in Big Brother history or does this really put a dent in their resume?


  • What is everyone’s argument to why they deserve to win? Can you still win this game being a cut throat player or do you have to be nice?


  • The evolution of the game style of Big Brother


  • Kaycee vs Janelle: Best Female Houseguest


  • Big Brother 21 Casting Promo … Big Brother will return! (It seems)


  • Tyler being Adam’s Tofurkey of the Week


  • Does Adam see Kaycee being a bitter jury member like he was at the time if she gets sent home by Tyler in a cut throat move?  


  • Kaycee’s Jokers ranking


Check out Adam’s rankings every week on Big Brother Network ( and follow us all on Twitter @BigBrothersPod @VitoCalise and @HeavyMetalTeddy and PLEASE Subscribe on iTunes!

Sep 14, 2018

The Big Brothers are back in studio together this week with “Power of” Vito, Chris Stanley and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) all talking about this week on the feeds and online. This week was everyone’s favorite week in the Big Brother house … Double Eviction. Here’s what the Big Brothers discuss this week.


  • “Julie Chen Moonves”. Is this the end of Julie Chen on Big Brother? Do we think she will be back next week?


  • “SaveBBUS” – Is Big Brother in danger of getting canceled after this year? Do we think the show will go on and where could it possibly end up.



  • Is Tyler sending Brett to jury his strongest game move yet? Will this turn the jury for him or against him?


  • Is this Tyler and Angela showmance the worst thing for their games?



  • Will Tyler cut Angela at the end and take Kaycee? What is his best move.


  • Brett’s goodbye message, was this a Paul level mistake or was there a deeper plan for other houseguests to set that up?



  • Adam gave Haleigh tofurkey of the week. Vito comes to her defense and says why he thinks she is one of the better players and how she could have went farther in this game.


  • Are the videos from home a good thing or a bad thing? Was the call from home houseguests used to get better for the show.


  • JC’s family issues and video from home


  • Are late double evictions less exciting because the houseguests are expecting it and it comes off less frantic? Do they have too much time to plan for what they will do in a double eviction now?


  • Is “Blockstar” The best nickname in Big Brother history


  • Listener question: What comp would JC win

  • Is blockstar the best nickname?


  • Vito and Chris ask Adam why the photo going grey is so dramatic.

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Sep 7, 2018

On this week’s episode of Big Brothers, Chris Stanley and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) could not make it in to the studio but “Power of” Vito was here to wrangle them in by cell phones and get their take on the week. Here’s what the Big Brothers talk about on this weeks show:

The Tyler HoH conspiracy drama. Should he have been Disqualified? Is he Grodner/Production’s pet? Is the game being rigged in his favor?
Is Brett right saying the best game move for him could be serving her to the jury house since they hate her so much? Or should he be focusing on taking her to Final 2 as an easy win?
Why does Tyler want to keep Tyler so badly? Especially over Angela. We go into detail on JC’s game and how he’s doing better than we’ve given him credit for thus far.

Kaycee coming out swinging this week and proving what we talked about a few weeks ago, she had a plan to lay low and then play hard in the second half. Who else said they were going to do this? How did Sam possibly expose Kaycee’s game plan to the house?

Scottie’s speech and manic behavior with Julie. Is Scottie too bitter a jury member? Is he in the right or wrong with his anger towards Tyler? Was his speech crossing a line? Find out what was censored on the live show in this episode.

Tyler’s game right now: Should he have just been honest with Scottie and everyone else going forward? Is he throwing his game away right now by not owning up to everything and sending Jury members home angry? They keep using this “Coward” word and that’s not what he needs in a final vote 

“Power of” Vito’s conspiracy on D-List celebs trying to get cast on Celebrity Big Brother

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Sep 1, 2018

No Chris on this weeks Big Brothers, Power of Vito and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) had some intense conversations on the following subjects, listen to the episode to get these answers and more:

Was it dumb for Angela to put up Fessy and Hay? Would it have been better for her to put up Sam or JC since they aren’t in a position to help them stay safe while Fessy and Hay have been very loyal to their side?

Did Fessy effectively get into JCs Head by saying he’s next on the chopping block and was it a plan or just some dumb Fessy luck

While Tyler’s biggest downfall be everyone talking in jury about their F2 with him? Is he really in the best spot in the house or does Brett have a leg up on him since he’s pretty much-going unnoticed by anyone and not thought to be in any sort of alliance.

How do we feel about pipe bomb eviction pleas? Fessy had one on his way out, is he just bitter and ruining people’s game as his game is over?

Seeing an entire alliance compete against each other

Kaitlyn’s effect on the game, how her one decision has changed the entire outcome of the game thus far.

Our issues with how the Battleback was handled. There’s a pretty obvious way they could have handled it and given us an amazing moment.

A recap of the endurance HoH competition that went down late night on the feeds. Why it was one of the best we’ve seen in a long time and how although Hayleigh didn’t win, she put up an amazing fight with the odds stacked against her. 

Adam’s former houseguest perspective on

· Why doesn’t anyone hang out in the living room?

· When did players start looking to the camera after lying to people’s face?

· Reddit/Twitter have been begging for the HoH eviction night interview to return. Adam answers a theory people have on Rachel Reilly being the reason those don’t happen anymore.

We also thought it was the perfect time to bring back Johnny Tremmel for a phone call since he cast Hayleigh on the show and let him defend her and give his perspective on how she did in the game vs some other people he’s cast on the show.

Check out Adam’s rankings on BigBrotherNetwork.Com


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Aug 25, 2018

This week on Big Brothers the guys have an incredible special guest via phone … MATT HOFFMAN from Big Brother 12! @HeadOfHoffhold

What The Big Brothers Cover This Week:

Tyler not hiding his zingbot fandom was. Where is his Zing Family?!

Did Zingbot blow up Angela’s game in some ways? Are the Zings getting too mean?

Who is Tyler’s best chance of winning against? Is it Kaycee?

Who is playing the better game? JC or Tyler: They’re pretty similar styles.

Brett is changing his Goodbye Message style but is it for the right reason?

What are the top F2 Odds right now?

Is there a Tyler/Angela showmance happening?

Is FOUTTE/The Hive the worst alliance of all time? Adam gives his own choice.

The HoH Comp last night was a total disaster. Find out why in the episode.

Jury Battle back Predictions: Who is coming back? What drama are they bringing with them.

The Big Brother Kitchen fire this week. Didn’t Adam do this 7 years ago?

What will Angela do as HoH? Who will she put up? Did she want this?

If Fessy goes up against Heyleigh and wins Veto, is he using it to take her down or save himself?

We discuss another week of Adam’s rankings on BigBrotherNetwork.Com

Our Guest: Matt Hoffman – Big Brother 12

Some Stats:

Won DIAMIOND Power of Veto, evicted Kathy

Won 2 HoH Comps

Member of the famous “Brigade” Alliance

He was nicknamed “The Brains”

We talk to Adam about

-The Brigade’s game plan

-Making what’s considered one of the worst moves of all time

-Trusting people in an alliance formed early

-Tyler not being the typical super fan

-Who is playing the best game right now

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Aug 17, 2018

This “Big Brothers” are here again for another week of guiding you through the most exciting season of Big Brother in YEARS. “Power of” Vito Calise started things off by asking if everyone else thought this was the weakest week so far but Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) was quick to defend it although Chris Stanley agreed he could have used a few more meltdowns.


Follow us on Twitter @BigBrothersPod , @VitoCalise, and @HeavyMetalTeddy


The Topics The Big Brothers Discusses This Week Are:

Where does everyone stand on the Hacker Twist? Is it too much power?


Could Brett have made a better game move this week by voting out Kaycee over Rockstar?


Brett’s game is good, but is it short-term thinking?


Tyler’s amazing goodbye message strategy and can Brett being an arrogant prick in his messages somehow help him? Can Tyler keep this up all the way to the end?


Rockstar being the disastrous plater she is: giving Tyler the PoV answer, choosing the wrong final answer, telling Kaycee she was going home and her weak eviction plea.


Where does Rockstar’s game measure up in the world of worst Big Brother moves?


Sam’s mid-game meltdown


Scottie and Hayleigh just NOW figuring out there are two sides


Adam gives his OTEV take as a former winner of the competition. Can you hide answer pieces during competitions?


Adam tells us how dirty the Big Brother house can get and we discuss past instances of how bad the house has gotten. 

Adam tells us about how houseguests use different tactics to study days in the house

Where do we stand on JC’s game? Is he playing a great game? Where will he end up in the final standings? Will he control Fessy this week?


Fessy DOMINATES the slip n slide competition but was it easier than usual?


Julie’s eviction interviews this season

Aug 3, 2018

So to make up for not doing an episode this week, we did double the time. Chris and Vito were in Montreal and somehow could not access the show at all through the CBS app in a different country. “I’m” Chris Stanley got really sick the night before the podcast and couldn’t make it in so Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) and “Power of” Vito did it on their own.

All season the guys have been starting the show saying “this is the best episode yet” and it continues again this week. It’s no BS, the show is just the best its been in years. The cast wants to play the game and nobody is out here playing for second place or even worse, playing for Jury. Adam gives some great Houseguest perspective on this one, about if he ever dealt with HoHitis, getting to do a storage room celebration, how as a houseguest you figure out what’s probably getting on the show and what ends up getting left on the cutting room floor and being in the house when Lawon thought he had “superpowers”. We catch you up on the current house drama and where we think the gameplay is heading. Who is doing bad, who is playing it perfectly and everything in between.

For the second half of the podcast, “Power of” Vito sits down with Johnny Tremmel, a Casting AP/Recruiter for the show. Johnny helps with all the east coast casting and if you’ve been to the New York open call then you’ve met him. Johnny is a superfan all the way back to season 1 who actually auditioned with Adam back in the day. Johnny gives some advice to people who may want to try out for the show while giving a perspective on the game from someone who helps put the show together. Some people he found that ended up making the show were Cody Calafiore and Frankie Grande from BB16, Jessica Graf from BB18 and Haleigh from this current season, and we get his opinion on how he thinks those players did and how Haleigh is doing now.

Jul 21, 2018

On this week’s episode of Big Brothers, Power of Vito, Chris Stanley and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) are together again and for the first time this season have a guest. Adam got Enzo Palumbo from Big Brother season 12 to call in. If you watched season 12 then you know about the Brigade, one of the most successful Big Brother alliances of all time.

Jul 13, 2018



For the first time in Big Brothers history, all three of the brothers are in studio together. Remember, before Big Brother 20 had the Bros alliance, we had the Big Brothers. “Power of” Vito, Chris Stanley and Adam Poch (Big Brother 13) are here when you need them most, because the last 2 weeks have been a confusing shitshow and you’re going to need them to hold your hand through all of this.

This week was run by the frantic life coach Kaitlyn, and she made her mark on the season. Kaitlyn says her spirit guide told her what to do this week, so apparently Tyler is a part time spirit guide because he’s the one who pulled her strings this week and orchestrated the Swaggy C backdoor.

Swaggy did a great job this week and worked his ass off to stay, if the Swaggy we saw this week started off the game he probably could have went far. All of his manipulation tactics weren’t enough though and he got the boot. The brothers cover the gameplay of Swaggy and talk about his casting tape which we saw on the show last night where Swaggy said to play the exact opposite way of how he entered the house.

Another big topic on today’s show was Kaitlyn’s love triangle…square…pentagon? Well, the Big Brothers give you the live feed lowdown on what’s been going on in and outside of the house. It’s some gossip you may not want to miss out on. The main people involved are Tyler, Kaitlyn, Fessy and Kaitlyn’s boyfriend of 5 years who isn’t inside of the house. Last year Big Brothers became the Paul show, this year it’s looking like the Tyler and Kaitlyn show, but we have a lot of Big Brother left and people’s personalities are showing more and more every day.

Adam gave the scoop on his Week 2 rankings, make sure to always read those over at Big Brother Network. Adam is an avid feed watcher and gives you a legitimate ranking based on what’s really going on in the house, not just what CBS wants you to see. Follow him on Twitter @HeavyMetalTeddy,

Follow us on Twitter @VitoCalise or @BigBrothersPod. Tweet us anything you may want addressed on the next episode of … BIIIIG BROTHERS!

Jun 29, 2018

The Big Brothers, “Power of” Vito Calise and Chris Stanley are back for season 20 and they’ve added a new sibling, Adam Poch (Big Brother 11). Adam was on his way to Disney World so could only do a quick phone call (that Chris Stanley didn’t seem too happy about) but Adam will be more involved in episodes to come.

Season 20 is looking great to start. There are NO returning Houseguests, which is a positive after 2 seasons of returnees and the disaster that was the Paul run house of season 19. These Houseguests want to win the game, there doesn’t seem to be anyone right now who is just hoping to “make jury”.

This episode of the show is more of a preview for the season. The feeds just started the night before but the boys wanted to get you an episode ASAP. Once the season gets more underway Big Brothers will be the best place for you to go and see what’s happening on the live feeds and what everyone on the internet is saying.

Vito’s pick for the BB20 winner is Tyler, Adam’s is Winston and Chris chose JC. Only one of them can be right, and sorry JC, but history proves that’s not usually Chris Stanley. Towards the end of the episode Vito and Chris give some quick rundowns of every Houseguest with the general consensus being this is a great cast, so kudos to you Robyn Kass!

For once Vito and Chris agree on something, and that is how stupid this year’s “technology” theme comes off. Vito is basically a child who said he is entertained by robot Sam, but for the most part both Big Brothers think we would be better off just having a “Big Brother 2 – 11” themed season, real gameplay, more grounded competitions and less focused on Showmances.

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Also be sure to check out Adam Poch’s (@HeavyMetalTeddy) weekly rankings. Here is his pre-season entry.

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